• SK Display 6 big advantage - to create a new pattern display industry!

    SK Display As a company specializing in acrylic (PMMA) products design, processing, production of professional manufacturers, bringing together a large number of the acrylic (PMMA) industry development, services many years of engineering and technical personnel, dedication to community service. Providing acrylic box, acrylic display stand, acrylic photo frame, acrylic cosmetics display stand, Acrylic data frame, acrylic tobacco display, Acrylic glasses display stand, acrylic jewelry display, acrylic mobile phone display stand, acrylic signs, such as acrylic (PMMA) Display shelf products, and provide customized acrylic display stand.

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  • Middle Autumn Festival Notice

    If you have any urgent question,please directly contact Jerry at his email SK display​ deeply appreciates our partnership and friendship, thank you for your help, care and support all the times!!

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  • How to choose the right cosmetic storage box inventory

    Well, when you need to buy cosmetics boxes when you can refer to some of the above tips, we hope to help you choose one of your favorite cosmetic storage box.

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  • The Advantage Of Acrylic Display Stands

    So acrylic is the ideal display choice for trade and art shows. However, this material is prone to scratches, so pay attention when transporting and arranging items on your stands.If you need any acrylic displays,please just fell free to send your design or tell us your needs ,we can make your dream into reality.

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  • Acrylic Display Jewelry Showcase Design

    PMMA commonly known as plexiglass, also known as acrylic or acrylic, Hong Kong people more than called acrylic, is an important early development of thermoplastics, has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to stain, easy processing, beautiful appearance, has wide application in the construction industry. Plexiglass products usually can be divided into panels casting, extrusion and molding plastics plate.

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  • The Modern Acrylic Bussiness Name Card Holder

    If you are looking for new style of business to promote your business,You just send us your business logo image,and then we design it for you.

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  • LED Acrylic Display Stand Illuminate Your Cigar

    The durable LED acrylic cigar display will help you merchandise your cigar in a clean and efficient system.Welcome to contact with us if you have any questions about the acrylic display stand.

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  • Acrylic POP Display Can Promote Your Business

    Acrylic POP displays used effectively to catch customers’interest and convince them into purchasing your products. Not every person who visits your store is interested in purchasing your items, Some are just merely passing time while others are accompanying their friends. Acrylic displays should be convincing enough to turn disinterested shoppers into customers. Most customers are emotional buyers,so your POP up must make an emotional connection with the clients and even shoppers who had no intention of buying a product will be drawn to make an impulse purchase.

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