• The use of acrylic

    Acrylic products including acrylic plastic tablets, acrylic light boxes, signs, acrylic bathtub, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic (latex) paint, acrylic adhesives, and so a wide range of products.

    2016/12/27 cropsong 29

  • The best acrylic products - in SK Display

    SK Display Co., Ltd is a manufacturer located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We specialized in manufacturing all kinds of display stands. Relying on specialized workshops, skilled and efficient employees and good performance machines, we are able to produce good quality Products with maximum production capacity. Meanwhile, we can demanding various ODM / OEM orders as per clients' requirements

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  • SK Display display supplies 6 major advantages - to create a new pattern of display industry!

    SK Display Co., Ltd specializes in the design, processing and manufacture of acrylic products. We have a large number of engineering and technical personnel who have been developing and serving in the acrylic industry for many years. Acrylic display stand, acrylic jewelry display stand, acrylic mobile display stand​, acrylic plate and other acrylic (plexiglass) display stand products, acrylic display shelf, And provide customized acrylic display stand.

    2016/12/13 cropsong 34

  • Cardboard combined with acrylic, help display promotions

    SK display as a professional supplier of acrylic display products, in the "good faith, long service" business purpose under the guidance of the accumulation of a large number of guests at home and abroad.

    2016/12/07 cropsong 37

  • Master the quality of furniture materials and scientific maintenance

    Clear, bright, transparent, there is no sense of depression, you can change the metal and solid wood furniture, heavy, so that home becomes light up; also no cloth and leather furniture, hot, cold from the skin contact moment.

    2016/11/29 cropsong 26

  • Advantages of acrylic materials for home furnishings Tim pattern

    Is a great leap in technology. In the near future, acrylic materials will be applied to more areas, bringing more unexpected surprises.

    2016/11/23 cropsong 44

  • Use a good drawer, saving desktop space

    Storage items: a special acrylic drawer partition, for you in accordance with the size of the drawer free assembly; you can also put the compartment with a acrylic compartment box directly placed in the drawer, the combination of multiple acrylic storage box can also be used.

    2016/11/14 cropsong 30

  • To create a comfortable home environment when buy five elements of the acrylic bathtub

    As the acrylic bathtub is made of artificial glass, so it is very good pressure resistance, but also wear, the surface is not easy to aging, so use more than three years of acrylic bath will be discoloration phenomenon, some brand manufacturers in the production When the use of imported high-brightness, high hardness of the special acrylic sheet, to a certain extent, will overcome the shortcomings of acrylic.

    2016/11/09 cropsong 21