Stylish and practical acrylic desk calendar frame

2017-06-26 16:39:57 cropsong 22

Desk calendar is the office often use the items, traditional and practical, but also the gift of friends and family in the holiday ideal choice. But we do not know is that the desk calendar to match with a good calendar can be more to show its greater value. Acrylic desk calendar frame made of high quality acrylic material, acrylic crystal clear features to give the calendar a better viewing and fashion, so that desk calendar from an ordinary life products into a new era of fashion gifts, which inside the acrylic desk calendar is hard to do.

Acrylic desk calendar frame is very good light, visual fresh, bright color; can be processed into a variety of shapes, the surface has a certain degree of gloss looks very bright, with a stained acrylic desk calendar from a good show effect, and can be more Long time to keep the original look, will not fade and the like; than ordinary glass to light the weight of half is one of the reasons it is more popular. In addition, the acrylic desk calendar is not easy to break, even broken, fragments are better than the glass clean up.

So the acrylic calendar calendar is not just a flower shelf, its performance is more than the average glass, plastic is more practical, it seems more upscale, can be used in the office can also watch, wedding festivals can also be given to friends and family when the return , Economical and practical, both traditional and fashionable. SK Display Co., has been committed to the production of stylish and practical acrylic products, and acrylic desk calendar is one of the main products, design unique, quality and cost is the most advantageous, but also provide professional custom services.

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