The top ten characteristics of acrylic products

2017-05-02 12:52:15 cropsong 25

Acrylic products are now more and more popular, acrylic products have what kind of magic, so that everyone put it down, today SK Display for everyone to analyze the top ten characteristics of acrylic products.

First, healthy non-toxic Acrylic products themselves and people long-term contact is also no harm, but if the combustion is not entirely, will produce formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, need attention.

Second, excellent weather resistance. Acrylic products on the natural environment is very strong adaptability, even if the sun and rain will not be much change, so the outdoor can also be safe to use.

Third, good light transmission. Colorless transparent plexiglass plate light transmittance can reach more than 92%, translucent very good. The required light intensity is small, saving energy.

Four, a strong comprehensive performance. Acrylic board not only its own variety, color and diverse, as well as excellent overall performance, can be stained, painted, silk screen or vacuum coating.

Fifth, strong impact resistance. The impact resistance of the acrylic plate is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, so it is suitable for installation in areas where special safety is required.

Six, plasticity strong. Both suitable for mechanical processing and easy to heat forming. Modeling changes greatly, processing and molding is easy.

Seven, high recovery rate. Acrylic products easy to maintain, easy to clean, scrub with soap and soft cloth on it, and the high recovery rate.

Eight, long life, durable. Acrylic products and other materials compared to life expectancy for at least three years

Nine, acrylic products light weight, lighter than ordinary glass products in half, so the use of acrylic products will make the building and the bracket to bear the pressure smaller.

Ten, insulation. Acrylic products excellent insulation properties, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment, will not cause the risk of electrical conductivity.

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