Introduce acrylic furniture

2017-04-25 18:04:07 cropsong 26

The development of the Internet to today has been relatively perfect, people are increasingly used to understand the online consultation, purchase products, enjoy the service, resulting in the decline of traditional industries, the traditional industry to seek development, so with the "Internet +" concept. This is the future trend, that is, the Internet and traditional industries integration. Acrylic furniture innovation is the "Internet +" product.

Acrylic panels are not only environmentally friendly and have good light transmission, impact resistance, friction, but we found that acrylic furniture is rare, because although the acrylic sheet has so many benefits, but it is more difficult to produce, the price is more Expensive, so the market is more of some cheap substitute - composite board.

Acrylic sheet material can be divided into three main categories: import plate, Taiwan-board, domestic board Due to the origin and purity of the different, it also determines the quality of the plate and the price of the key. The furniture on the market is either a traditional UV paint board, cheap but not high temperature, intolerant moisture, easy to drop paint; there is a Taiwan-based board or domestic plate, the surface will be obvious water marks, the thickness will not be very uniform , And easy to yellow; with the import plate on the less, because it is more expensive than the previous two on some, but definitely the first choice for high-end.

Acrylic board as a newer material, in the field of furniture is still in the beginning to be developed stage, but we believe that its market potential is strong, with the improvement of people's living standards, for the improvement of quality of life requirements, acrylic furniture in the The future will definitely become the market-led. SK display engaged in acrylic processing for more than 10 years, is your really professional acrylic products manufacturers, welcome to contact us!

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