Look! Acrylic all kinds of supernatural powers, thousands of changes

2017-06-13 10:21:13 cropsong 24

Acrylic as a magical material, captured countless areas, the embodiment of tens of thousands of forms, today we go to see, where is it in our lives ?

1, the phone screen. It is estimated that no one would think of it, we look at the screen every day is the most easy to wear acrylic manufacturing.

2, aircraft windshield. Acrylic material can be resistant to high pressure, naturally the best choice.

3, display stand. Everyone in the mall to see the jewelry bracket, mobile phone bracket, glasses bracket are acrylic products, because the acrylic appearance of beautiful, as a foil can make products more outstanding.

4, smoke mold, picture frame. Because of the high transparency of acrylic, so that the acrylic as a packaging can protect the inside of the object, but also make objects more beautiful.

5, hotel supplies. The inside of the hotel tray, wheat rack, tissue box, coaster, wine rack, desk card, wash bottles are made of acrylic, almost all areas included.

6, medals. Now foreign medals are very popular with transparent acrylic to customize, on the one hand to reflect its uniqueness, on the other hand transparent acrylic looks really beautiful.

7, signs, billboards. Due to the weatherability of acrylic, it makes it a special material for outdoor signs

The characteristics of acrylic so that it can be ever-changing, both can act as a foil to safflower more beautiful, you can also make the protagonist shine. Acrylic health and environmental protection, easy to clean, easy processing, easy to dye, multi-color and other advantages, acrylic products are bright colors, fashion fine, more and more people of all ages, selling the country. SK dispaly Co., Ltd is one of the largest acrylic products processing enterprises in Dongguan. We have been focusing on the processing of acrylic products for more than 10 years. We firmly believe that the principle of "quality first, service first" is highly recognized by customers.

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