1.  I have only some pictures of the display, can you give us quotation ? If not, what else you must require ?

Sorry we could not quote based on just a picture, at least we need the measurement for each structure, thickness and quality requirements for the material, quantity required,

the description for its usage, and the information of the product which need to be displayed.


2.  I have a sketch

OK, but please mark the related information as detailed as possible: the measurement and explanation, thickness and quality requirements for the material, quantity required,

the description for its usage, and the information of the product which need to be displayed.


3.  I have a concept design

OK, but please note the related information as detailed as possible: the measurement, thickness and quality requirements for the material, quantity required, the description for its usage, and the information of the product which need to be displayed


4.  I have drawings

That will be the best, and if the following information will be available, it will be perfect:

The product which need to be displayed

Packing details

Artwork if any label , graphic insert/paper, decal or printing is applied.

Pantone color number for silkscreen printing.


5. What should I provide if I need a display to be customized?

Please provide the following if you require a custom display unit:

(1). The quantity possibly of your initial order.

(2). A complete set of technical drawings will be the best for our quotation, production or understanding your requirements.

(3). If you don't have the technical drawing, a concept (design) drawing of effect  (or even a sketch) with critical sizes and explanation will be workable.

(4). The details of your products to be displayed in the display unit: Shape, size, weight, material, picture etc., because we need to design/test the display based on the details of the products, a full set of samples of your products would be required  to test the display unit before we present you a final sample.

(5). If your display need to be put on shelves, please provide us details of the shelf:  Shape, size, hole location for fixture, material, picture etc.


6.  Can you quote without samples ?

Yes, if you don’t require the product to be exactly same with the sample and you can provide us the detailed information for quotation.


7.  What information is needed for a quotation, and what’s the basic necessary information must be available for a quotation?

(1). We need the measurement for each structure of each part,

(2). thickness and quality requirements for the material,

(3). Finish

(4). Installing environment and details

(5). quantity required,

(6). the description for its usage, and the information of the product which need to be displayed.

(7). Packing details

(8). Artwork if any label , graphic insert/paper, decal or printing is applied.

(9). Customer basic information, contact

(10). Price term


8.  How quickly can I get the price ?


(1). If detailed drawings are provided, or detailed information are all available for quotation, usually we could give price within 2 days. Many items or complicate items take relatively longer time.

Basic price (without packing details, or ex-work price) could be provider sooner.

Complete quotation (with packing details, weight, lead time for sample and production etc.) will take relatively longer time.


(2). Information is not complete, quotation can be made without drawings, quote within 3 days.

(3).Need to make design first and then give quotation, usually requires 1 week to give the quotation. Will provide quotation sooner or later  according to the actual situation of the job. 


9.  What's the MOQ ?


It will be depended on the detailed items,

Normally it's as following:

Clear acrylic display: 100pcs

Colorful Acrylic display:300kgs

Sheet metal display stand: 100pcs

Injected plastic display: 1000pcs


10. What’s the usual packing way of different products ?

(1). General packing: 1pc/PE bag/inner box, several pcs/Carton, or several pcs in a inner box, then several boxes in a carton..

(2). Bulk packing: some pcs in a carton, with some filling.

(3). Honeycomb carton, wooden crate, wooden cases, foam protector, wooden pallets, plastic pallets etc. for option.


11. What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment of following:

(1). T/T 40% in advance as deposit, and the balance before shipment

(2). LC at sight

(3). PayPal for order amount below USD1000.

(4). Other payment way to be discussed and evaluated as per the detailed situation.


12.  Lead time for sample: 5-15 work days (depended on items

13.  Mass production: 15-50 days

14.  Expiry date of a quotation: Usually within 30 days only.

15.  Sample providing cost

Our product cost ≤10 dollars, free, but courier charge should be responsible by the buyer.

our production cost >10 dollars, Sample cost=unit price x 3+courier charge should be responsible by the buyer.

If the product need to open mould , sample cost need to include the mould cost.

The buyer can use T/T, paypal, west union, moneygram,& any way to make the payment for sample cost.


16. Your price is high:

Yes, maybe our price is higher than some others, because we never use inferior materials or cut corners and turn out sub-standard goods , we never reduce the quality of our work to reduce the cost of our product ,we don’t want to spoil the market of our customer with bad products, we hope our client and us could be benefited together from the mutual business. 


17. Can your quoted price be negotiated or reduced ?

Yes, sure, if the qty., spec. or terms & conditions etc. will be adjusted, or sufficient mutual understanding is established.


18. How to get a sample?


You have two options to get a sample:


Option 1: Place sample order :

The process:

Clarify the spec. of the sample  Ask a quotation & Sample cost  (Place a sample order)Pay sample cost or courier charge  We receiving the payment, arrange a sample production order We dispatch the sample by courier/air or ship Buyer receiving the sample


Option 2: You can also place order directly with us after detailed spec. of the product is fully understood and confirmed by both parties, just request a sample approval procedure in the order, before mass production, which means: only the final sample will be approved then the mass production can be conducted. This way sometime can save a lot of time for both parties, because, sometime just prepare a sample will take a lot of time, labor and cost too.


19. What about sample not approved?

We will rectify and provide a new sample again free of charge if it's our reason.


20. How to make an order?

(1). Send us an inquiry, please try to enclose your detailed product’s spec. , requirements, and company information, better together with drawings and pictures.


(2). We will reply once we received your inquiry within 1 or 2 days.


(3). After we have your detailed spec. & requirements for the product, we will give you the quotation within 1-3 days , after you receiving our quotation, please give us confirmation or feedback promptly.


(4). If you need a sample, please let us know, we will discuss the sample issue, the sample cost, courier charge, payment for sample etc. Please refer to our sample policy of above.


(5). After you receive the sample, please confirm us right away the sample quality, and tell us if you are satisfied with the sample or you need to do some modification or supplement.


(6).Once we have mutual agreement with the price , sample quality, and other terms and conditions, we'll send the “Proforma Invoice” or “Sales Contract” to you for confirmation of order, please sign it and send a copy back to us for documentation, you can also send us a copy of your ‘Purchase Order” to clarify all the details of order.


(7). Once we confirmed the order, please arrange the payment soonest.


(8). We arrange the order once we received the payment.


(9). The consignment will be delivered by ship or air, the balance of payment should be done before shipment or after getting the copy of B/L from us, as per agreement.

We will then complete the delivery, send the B/L to you or do telex release as per mutual communication.


(10). After you used our product, if have any problems, please inform us, we will replace them for you with another order.


(11). Please let us have your feedback of satisfaction degree on our product/service 1-3 months after you have received our products, it will take your precious 2-3 minutes, but it will enable us to serve you and other customers better!


21. I have placed an order. Now what?

We will update you the production situation with pictures from the factory. We will follow up the production process and the quality of product, make sure everything meet your quality standard, make sure there’s nothing wrong before the goods leave our factory ! …….and you can expect to receive the goods ordered after the production time(stated in the order) and shipping time(by sea or air).


22. Will you update us the production situation with pictures after order placed?


Yes, sure. We will follow up the process of production and keep you updated.


23. How do you control the quality of the products?

Our QC staff inspect everything and every day, every product will be inspected at the critical stage, such as, the raw material, semi-product, finished product, packing etc..


24. What about shipping and transportation ? Do you have a reliable shipping agent or forwarder ?

Yes we have reliable shipping agent & forwarder working with us for many years, they can always deliver the goods to your ports safely.


25. If we do FOB, do you accept designated forwarder ?

Yes, but the forwarder need to be approved by us too before we book vessel with them, in case the forwarder has unreasonable charge on us or we found problems with them, we have the right to request to change to a reasonable one, or recommend such one for you.


26. If the forwarder should be provided by us, when will you must have it ?

15 days before sailing date.


27. LCL or FCL ?

If the volume of goods will be over 13cbms, we advise the buyer to use FCL of 20’ container, if the volume is less than 13cbms, LCL.


28. About shipping documents

Generally we will provide invoice, packing list and bill of lading as shipping documents, if the buyer need any other documents, please let us know in advance.


29. After receiving the goods, if damage or defective products are found, what should we do ?

Please take the pictures and send to us immediately, we will replace it in the next shipment.


30. What’s your warranty ?

If the goods are received defective, or the goods are certified not conforming with the quality standard, we will replace it in the next shipment.


31. If I place repeat order, can the price be less or just keep the same as the first order?

We will review the price based on the exchange rate of currency and the material /labor cost upon receiving the repeat order, and make the adjustment accordingly.


32. Are you factory/manufacturer or just a trading company ?

We are manufacturer but we can also do trading if necessary.


33. How many employees in total in your company ?

We are small company, we have around 35 employees in total.


34. How many workers in the factory ?

There’re 25 workers in the factory.


35. What are main products you can produce ?

Acrylic display, display stand, display cabinet, cosmetic display, shelf pusher, PC products, PETG products etc.


36. What else you can provide ?

Plastic display, Injection products, PVC extrusion, PVC holder, wooden display, metal display etc.


37. What’s your production capacity per month?

About USD500000 for display production currently, but we can extend our production capacity quickly.


38. What’s your currently sales volume ?

USD4 Million per year.


39. Do you have QC department ?

Yes, we have QC department, 3 QC.


40. Do you have R&D department ?

Yes, we have R&D department, 2 designers.


41. Do you provide ODM products ?

Yes, we have a lot ODM products. Every month we will develop at least 2-3 new products with new design.


42. Do you have a retail store?

No, we don't retail. We just wholesale and customize as per customers order.


More questions ?

Please approach our sales team and ask them directly by email, they will give you prompt and professional reply !