• Luxury Acrylic Wine Bottle Holder

    Recently, We design some very luxury acrylic wine holders,which offers a great way to organize and display your bottles of wine. It is undoubtedly the best solution with such nice acrylic wine holder to display your rare wine.

    2016/06/28 cropsong 37

  • Laser Machine Tool Improves Hand Made Acylric Sign and Display Fabrication

    Indoor signs for office buildings and other commercial structures are often produced by cutting out small letters or other shapes from acrylic sheets, and then affixing these cutting pieces to a

    2016/06/21 cropsong 41

  • Acrylic Brochurer Holder IS Perfect Way Display Your Brochure

    Please do not hesitate contact with us if you have any questions. You are also welcome to send us your sketch or drawing, we would be glad to be do business with you and manufacture them according to your requirements.

    2016/06/14 cropsong 48

  • Holiday Announcement Of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in 2016

    Due to the coming of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, we will be closed from 08 Jun to 10 Jun. Should you have any urgent or special demand of your display stand/ acrylic furniture/ brochure holder,please just fell free to send us mail at, we would reply to you in 24 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your great support and hope we would have more business cooperation.

    2016/05/31 cropsong 36

  • Sunglass Display Stand Help Your Promote Your Fashionable Sunglass Business

    Acrylic sunglass displays can come from counter-top,floor standing,revolving sunglass displays and Locking Acrylic Sunglass Display,they can be custom made in different size as per your requirements.Floor standing displays can hold many sunglass at one time,but it take much floor space, it would be ok if your store are large enough. You would be advisable to chose countertop sunglass display,if the store is limited. It can be placed on floor and countertop,very convenient.

    2016/05/24 36

  • Floor standing acrylic donation box is helpful for your business

    The floor standing acrylic donation box is very lightweight and very easy to moved around and placed anywhere. To assure its safety on the transportation, these floor standing is usually packed individually and then protected by bubble bag very well.

    2016/05/18 36

  • Acrylic Donation Box Place An Important Role For None-profit Group Or Organization

    There are many non-profit group or organization who help children, patient,elder etc to raise money or funds. Undoubtedly, donation box play an important role in raising money for these non-profit gro

    2016/05/10 31

  • Desktop business card holder place an important role in our business life

    As one leading manufacturer specializing in acrylic displays, we can offer many kinds of desk business card holders,which are available in different size and design.And if you need,we also can print your business logo on the desktop business card holder.

    2016/04/19 34