Acrylic display cabinets and light inside the counter

2017-05-23 11:33:53 cropsong 23

Different acrylic display cabinets require different lights to match in order to achieve better results. Such as gold, silver, diamonds and other relatively small size of the jewelry, must be bright, need to reflect the "flash point" to stimulate the customer's eyes; pearls, crystal, jade and other materials, jewelry, more need to exquisitely carved luster, The brightness of the request is not so high. So the rational use of integrated design acrylic display cabinet light source is very important.

Another acrylic material for the light has a certain role in promoting. Acrylic high light transmission, can be better with the display of the unique bright eyes, customers can also very easily through the acrylic sheet to see the exhibits of the live, but also according to the specific area, space, environment to provide specific effects , To enhance the three-dimensional sense of acrylic display cabinets. So good lighting effect with the acrylic sheet can make the exhibits within the show more on a grade.

So in the acrylic display cabinet design custom, in addition to showcase its own style, style, cost, the more to consider the combination of lighting and acrylic design, we should pay attention to the choice of acrylic sheet, lighting options and lighting effects on the product influences. SK Display dedicated to acrylic display stand, display cabinet products over 10 years, for the showcase design has a unique craft, welcome to come to contact us!

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