What is the role of acrylic products?

2017-03-29 14:52:50 cropsong 22

In recent years, some new home in the use of decorative acrylic products, such as acrylic decorative painting, acrylic display stand. Home market influx of a lot of new materials, and acrylic is "plexiglass" English translation. I remember in the last century began to enter the Chinese market in the 1990s, but this fourteen five years time, has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration, into the interior design field is very short, but in the most recent period, we all In the home industry to promote a substantial.

What are the benefits of acrylic products? The following is a simple analysis:

1. good shape, not fragile, still very light And the market commonly used glass, ordinary plastic compared to the advantages of new materials, acrylic is very obvious.

2. Acrylic material has a good light transmission, strong resistance, good plasticity and so on. Compared with ordinary plastic materials, acrylic transmittance is the best, transparent acrylic sheet of light transmission even better than glass. And compared to the traditional glass of this material, the advantages of acrylic is even more prominent, in which the strongest resistance is the most obvious advantage. Now some countries have legislation clear, children's activities in the window of the glass are replaced by acrylic sheet, it is because of its strong resistance, not fragile.

3. Acrylic compared to the glass is another advantage is easy to process, at 180 ℃ when the soft, shaping, the temperature can be cooled to room temperature can be stereotypes.

4. Acrylic material density is smaller than glass, much lighter than the same volume of material quality.

5. Acrylic products are also better antioxidant, easy to deformation and discoloration.

These advantages make the acrylic into the home area, has been widely used in the furniture surface, advertising, smoke display stand, furniture products and decorative panels and ceiling decoration. As the translucent acrylic is better, it is often used in light-related decoration, in addition to a lot of lamps made of acrylic materials, like DIY people may wish to design their own like the appearance is quite good. For example, some memorable photos, you can choose their favorite pattern as a border, on the living room or bedroom, always make people feel very refreshing, natural.

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