• A Very Nice Acrylic Pen Holder Can Decoration Your Desktop

    It's our pleasure to share one very fashionable acrylic pen holder ,which is made by acrylic (it also called PMMA, Perspex, plexiglass). When you place such a fashionable acrylic pen holder on your desktop whatever in your office or at home,it not only organize all kinds of pen together and neatly but also one nice decoration.

    2015/06/02 cropsong 48

  • Introducing of Acrylic Donation Boxes

    You would know how donation/ Fundraising box is import for your project if you are a church,Schools or non-profit groups. Because it can help you to collect funds to help the poor people who are in the urgent need of money.

    2015/05/26 cropsong 117

  • Skill of UV Glue Gluing on Acrylic

    Using UV glue is wide-ranging in acrylic factory .Now we introduce the gluing method and skills on plexiglass plate. It mainly depends by two points:fitness for use of adhesive and the bonding skills.

    2015/05/11 cropsong 55

  • New Year, the family is not less a calendar stand

    SK display is a professional acrylic display factory custom top quality acrylic display with reasonable price, welcome to contact us!

    2017/11/29 cropsong 17

  • How to choose the different kind of sample display stand

    SK display factory customized high quality acrylic display stands with competitive price and best service, welcome to inquire!

    2017/09/01 cropsong 16

  • What is Acrylic

    Acrylic is a transparent material like glass , but also opaque colored . Also known as plexiglass , using a wide range cosmetics exhibition, shop display of props backdrop of acrylic fonts acrylic light boxes and so on.

    2015/05/18 cropsong 45

  • Pure acrylic and composite acrylic

    Pure acrylic is the acrylic marble on the market is often said which are made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) matrix. Composite acrylic is the high-quality unsaturated polyester resin composed with MMA. Ultrafine specialty aluminum hydroxide as filler is made by vacuum casting artificial marble composite acrylic artificial marble.

    2015/05/08 cropsong 36

  • What should we pay attention to during using acrylic ?

    We often use acrylic materialIn during the producing of luminous words. How much do you know acrylic material? Let's introduce some points for your reference.

    2015/04/29 cropsong 59