• Floor standing acrylic donation box is helpful for your business

    The floor standing acrylic donation box is very lightweight and very easy to moved around and placed anywhere. To assure its safety on the transportation, these floor standing is usually packed individually and then protected by bubble bag very well.

    2016/05/18 33

  • Acrylic Donation Box Place An Important Role For None-profit Group Or Organization

    There are many non-profit group or organization who help children, patient,elder etc to raise money or funds. Undoubtedly, donation box play an important role in raising money for these non-profit gro

    2016/05/10 27

  • Desktop business card holder place an important role in our business life

    As one leading manufacturer specializing in acrylic displays, we can offer many kinds of desk business card holders,which are available in different size and design.And if you need,we also can print your business logo on the desktop business card holder.

    2016/04/19 31

  • Custom design acrylic brochure holder are effective your business.

    Frequently,some companies want to brand their particular brochure holders with the logo or business message, and screen printed these information on these acrylic brochure holder. The customization of brochure holder are perfect for marketing applications because they are usually cost-effective marketing and advertising tools.

    2016/04/13 28

  • Acrylic business name card holder is an important part of business

    Our acrylic business card holder are available in desktop style or wall mounted. Placing these business card holder on your desktop or in the waiting room of your office puts your cards within easy reach of customers. They can also be left in remote locations as a means of increasing business even when you aren't there to do it yourself.

    2016/04/07 21

  • Acrylic Ballot Box Are Idea To Collect Comments

    Our ballot boxes are made of sturdy acrylic material,they are available in different shapes and size. To make the information private and secure, usually these acrylic ballot box come with lock and keys,which can be opened by the assigned person. Due to its good security, so these acrylic ballot boxes can also be used as acrylic donation boxes.

    2016/01/12 32

  • How To Bonding Acrylic Display Without Bubbles

    acrylic display stand during eroded adhesive will leave marks difficult to remove, so you can paste stickers with ways to protect without sticking to the site; grease, dust or bubble holes would prevent the adhesive evenly leaving bubbles can be removed with the cleaning methods.

    2016/01/05 33

  • Which Is Better Between Acrylic Fish Tank and Glass Fish Tank?

    This is the difference between acrylic cylinder and a glass fishbowl. Glass fishbowl to be slightly more expensive than low-quality acrylic aquarium, but better off than the material to be slightly lower acrylic aquarium, which make it difficult to choose, of course, each have their own advantages hortcomings, in fact there is no absolute good or bad thing , to check what kind of fish tank fit you.

    2015/12/26 cropsong 53