• Donation Boxes Are Good To Collect Money For Non-profitable Organization

    In our factory, we can custom made and design all kinds of acrylic donation box, like heart shape donation box,house shape donation box, rectangle shape donation box, round donation box and many other shape donation box. Your can provide your drawing or specification, and then we will make it as your request.

    2015/10/28 cropsong 53

  • Acrylic Applications

    Acrylic through a variety of processing, can be made into a special decoration, unique decorative effect of products. Technology: composite technology, casting technology, hot melt technology, laser technology, carving, injection molding process, an extrusion process.

    2015/10/20 cropsong 30

  • Customized Acrylic Paperweight Make Your Business More Successfully

    Acrylic paperweight are very popular in nowadays, they are widely used for office or home decor. With business logo engraved or printed on it,acrylic paperweight is perfect for business promotion gifts.

    2015/10/13 cropsong 61

  • How To Identify Acrylic Sheet For Sanitary

    The ABS acrylic composite panels are made of ABS board composite board made of acrylic adhesive on both sides. Thus it is easy to cut at the cuff ware(ie edge)is observed. Since the ABS acrylic composite panels are bonded together two different materials, thus leading to inconsistent shrinkage, long-term changes in the hot and cold, it is prone to delamination. Again, since the ABS plate surface only tenths of a millimeter thick acrylic so its stability and wear resistance are poor, when molding is also easy to have a "white" or other discoloration.

    2015/10/07 cropsong 28

  • What Method Works Best Adhesive Acrylic Panels?

    Acrylic chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate known as PMMA or acrylic, derived from the English Organic Glass ( PMMA) , is an important development earlier plasticity polymer material with good transparency , chemical stability and weather resistance , easy to stain , easy processing , beautiful appearance , has been widely used in handicraft industry.

    2015/09/22 cropsong 37

  • Acrylic Paperweight Is A Important Way To Promotion Your Business

    In the past, the most common paper weight that are glass paper weight and crystal paperweight. But now many style of acrylic paperweight are seen in our daily life. Because acrylic is a strong, versatile plastic material that can be painted and decorated, easy to form in any shape and size.

    2015/09/15 cropsong 41

  • The Tips Of Using Acrylic Display Shelves

    Acrylic display shelves with lights and creative advertising, giving the overall feeling of luxury, high-grade, acrylic display shelf beautiful shape, crystal clear, and more to highlight the company's brand image, and thus increase their visibility.

    2015/09/08 cropsong 47

  • Acrylic Fish Tank Are More Popular Than Glass Fish Tank Now

    Watching the fish swimming in a fish aquarium are supposed to calm the nerves of most people in today's fast paced world. More and more people keep fish aquariums in their modern houses or office. It is also the fact that with a fish aquarium in the home or office can purify the indoor atmosphere.

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