• New Year Holiday Announcement

    Due to the coming of New year, 1.Jan 2016 is our public holiday. Please just fell free to send us mail at If you have any urgent or special demand, we will reply to you in 24 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your great support and hope we will will have more business cooperation for acrylic display box, acrylic cosmetic display and acrylic brochure holder in the new 2016.

    2015/12/25 cropsong 76

  • Acrylic Sign Holder Is One Popular Marketing Tool For Any Business

    It is information times, sign holder undoubtedly represent the best signage options on the market today, they are important marketing tools and part of your branding and marketing effort. It can help companies to promote their services and new products or special discount etc.

    2015/12/15 cropsong 56

  • Acrylic Luminous Characters In Advertising Production And Characteristics

    In the outdoor advertising industry, acrylic luminous characters billboard strengthened played in the functional advantages of saving energy saving and environmental protection, the increase in electricity savings in the advertising industry to reduce the white pollution situation appears, played a transmission light and advertising The purpose.

    2015/12/08 cropsong 25

  • Acrylic magnetic refrigerator to increase the warmth and convenience for families

    Conventional refrigerator is mainly used to decorate the refrigerator, and both make sticky notes memo function to record changes in the refrigerator and purchase food demand. Can also need to inform the family of things down on paper and then adsorbed on top of the fridge, the family can be more easily noticed.

    2015/12/03 cropsong 25

  • The Situation And Development Of Acrylic

    In architecture ,plexiglass( acrylic) is mainly used in the construction of acrylic light body, acrylic transparent roof,acrylic telephone booths, acrylic staircases and acrylic rooms wall plates, etc; Acrylic sanitary ware bath, acrylic washbasin, acrylic dressing table,acrylic makeup organizer, acrylic furniture, acrylic display box and other acrylic products.

    2015/11/24 cropsong 32

  • Clear Acrylic Donation Boxes Are So Popular Now

    Donation boxes can be seen in parks before,but today donation boxes are very popular in many places,such as hospital, school,charity, Humane Societies, Cancer Groups, Museums,supermarket etc. Many nonprofit organizations and charity groups have successfully used donation boxes, ballot boxes, collection boxes and charity boxes in fundraising campaigns.

    2015/11/17 cropsong 34

  • Hot Promotion For New Designed Heart-Shaped Acrylic Donation And Ballot Box

    We would like to thank our regular customers who have been supporting our business since our establishment before we publish this good news. It is you who help our company develop continues and make so outstanding achievement. And here,we assure you that we surely try our best to continually provide you our best quality products and professional services.

    2015/11/10 cropsong 33

  • What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Bathtubs

    Acrylic is a byproduct of the oil extracted from the deep sea. In fact, careful understanding of acrylic this material, you will find not so magical, it is also a kind of plexiglass, transparent common mobile phone display.

    2015/11/05 cropsong 29