The difference between the display stand and the display card

2017-09-24 18:13:42 cropsong 42

Display stand is on the counter from the description of the price of goods, origin, grade and so on. It is different from the display card is: the display stand must display a small amount of goods, but the purpose of displaying the goods, not to show the goods itself, but rather to direct description of the contents of advertising, display the goods equivalent to the graphics card graphics The Once the goods as a picture, the display and display card is no different.

It is noteworthy that the display stand because it is on the counter, put the purpose of the goods is to explain, so the display of goods on the general are relatively small volume of goods, and the number of less as well. Suitable for display products are jewelery, medicines, watches, pens and so on.

Wall POP advertising is displayed in the mall or shop on the wall of the POP advertising form. In the space of the mall, except for the wall as the main wall, the movable partition, the facade of the counter and the loan frame, the surface of the stigma, the glass of the doors and windows, etc. are the places where the wall POP can be displayed.

Used in the mall of the wall POP, in the form of two forms of plane and three-dimensional. Flat wall POP, in fact, we have talked about in front of the poster ads, and three-dimensional wall POP, is the main content to be introduced in this chapter. As the wall display conditions are very system, applied to the wall of the three-dimensional modeling of POP, mainly in semi-three-dimensional shape-based. The so-called semi-stereoscopic shape, which is similar to the shape of relief.

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