Plexiglass products of the eight processing technology

2017-09-11 10:04:39 cropsong 22

Why is the more and more popular plexiglass products, the market is more and more broad, and its own technology is inseparable, plexiglass products made of eight processes need to shape products, step by step to be fine Cut, so plexiglass products will be so many people of all ages.

1. open material. With a professional feeder for open material processing, of course, can also use conventional saw or cut plate machine directly cut.

2. Cutting. With a professional laser cutting machine for laser cutting, you can directly line, curve, arc and other processing, the error is generally not more than 0.05mm. But the thickness exceeds 10mm, then the error range will increase.

3. Polished. The edge of the plexiglass products made by the feeder or the laser cutting will not be flat, and the grinding machine will be polished to remove the sharp corners. If you need higher requirements, you can use a diamond polishing machine, etc., for further polishing.

4. carving. The plexiglass is processed with a professional CNC machine tool. General use and panel production, the error does not exceed 0.02mm. CNC engraving thick plexiglass, will make the edge of the plexiglass small knife pattern, but generally does not affect the use of the product.

5. Rewind. With high-temperature bending machine to bend the material on the part of the bending machine on the baked soft, and then you can bend, until the plexiglass products after cooling, the bending angle is fixed. If you want to adjust the overall curvature of the plate, you need to put the material in the oven for heating softening treatment, and then put into a fixed mold can be cooled.

6. tapping. That is, in the material on the open thread. If you want to screw the screw into the plexiglass products, you must first drill in a hole in the above, and then tap wire, thread to attack out.

7. Bonding. With a professional plexiglass watering for paste processing.

8. silk screen. This process requires screen, film and other processes with the. Generally used to deal with the CDR software, but also to do film output, drying board, washing net and other treatment, and finally on the special silk screen folding printing.

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