Sample display stand display

2017-09-04 12:30:22 cropsong 33

Sample display of the product is still very particular about the method.

Enterprise sample display stand to build a successful, will certainly can not wait to display the product, if there is no planning and imagination, will certainly be less effective, they might never put it. Designers believe that the way the product should be placed in accordance with the rules of the United States and the human visual experience to plan, the product only in accordance with the basic structure of the type of display, in order to make products better display in front of customers, play a good promotional effect.

In general, can be placed horizontally or placed vertically, which are similar products with the same model into a linear display form, this form is more conservative, in the regulation of the distance, giving people feel more comfortable flat, suitable for the vast majority of products. As well as into a cross-type or radio-type display, this display is more masculine, open, cheerful visual experience. Enterprises can choose according to their own different types of display products, of course, you can also become a faction, the design of some new ideas to display products, to the customer shines feeling.

Just a product display props, companies can give full play to the designer's idea to create a strange display.

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