Hot to do acrylic products injection molding when there are warping, deformation?

2017-08-10 09:36:35 cropsong 42

Acrylic products in the processing time is likely to appear warping, deformation of the situation, such a situation when we should do it.

1, if it is caused by deformation of the deformation, you can increase the number of putters or area to solve, you can also set the stripping slope to achieve the purpose.

2, if the cooling method is not appropriate, resulting in insufficient cooling time or uneven cooling, then only need to increase the cooling time to adjust the cooling method can be.

3, if the deformation conditions caused by residual stress caused by deformation, you can try to improve the mold and make the mold temperature uniformity, reduce the injection pressure and improve the resin temperature, or the use of annealing method to eliminate stress.

4, if the molding shrinkage caused by deformation can only correct the design of the mold. Pay attention to maintaining the consistency of the wall thickness of the product.

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