Introduction of Acrylic Display

2017-08-04 15:51:42 cropsong 26

In the usual advertising show, in addition to the common electronic screen, LED and other forms appear, in fact, more is still using the acrylic display as a display tool. The growth of market demand has spawned the fiery development of the acrylic display industry. Next, we will explore the acrylic display of the production of knowledge.

Acrylic Showcase Overview:

Acrylic display frame production specifications: commonly used are 60cm x 160cm, 80cm x 180cm.

Advantages of the exhibition: simple and easy to operate, easy to carry, when the production is completed, the shelves can be folded up and take away, the weight is not large. Advertising screen with ordinary photo paper pinyin can, of course, this is only conventional materials, and some need according to customer requirements, and some use of paper prints, after the end, attached to the film above, this production although the effect and hardness are Reached, but in contrast, the cost will increase.

Disadvantages: Exhibition racks are basically made of plastic, especially in the middle of the cross section, plastic products are vulnerable features, which is short between the expansion of the exhibition and advertising screen life.

Showcase production:

Advertising screen production and production is no difference between the usual, the only difference is that the picture after the production of the general and advertising materials in the board in combination with the use, and the four corners do not have to punch, but the display of advertising screen is not the same , And first in the advertising material, the requirements must be hardness, hardness is too small material is not conducive to the support of the exhibition. So the general use of photo paper to produce, in addition, X-shelf four corners need to punch, and only this can be used in conjunction with the X-display, in order to support them.

On the advertising screen hole problem:

When the exhibition rack is perforated, it is best to stick the 5-6 layer with the sticker on the back of the screen, so that it will shorten the service life when it is supported. In addition, the margins of the perforations are generally kept at about 5 cm.

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