Plexiglass display stand, these 4 major processing techniques, the buyer must know

2019-01-21 10:05:46 cropsong 22

So far, plexiglass display stands are the most widely used display props in major shopping malls, large supermarkets, and jewelry stores. What are the methods for processing plexiglass display frames? Let's take a look at it.

As the name suggests, the plexiglass display stand is made of plexiglass. It can be processed by woodworking machines in general. The difference is that plexiglass processing is used when using tools and saw blades. There are several types of processes commonly used in the processing of plexiglass display stands:

According to processing

What is the basis of processing, according to the processing is to use the material to cut, the characteristics can be cut straight or cut. It is generally necessary to use a special saw blade for cutting, so that the cutting effect is very good.

2. Hot bending processing

In daily life, we will find a problem, that is, many plexiglass display frames are bent, why is this? Because the hot bending process is used here. In the hot bending process, a hot bender must be used. When hot bending, the part to be folded up is first placed on a hot bender for softening, and then bent on the edge of the table. After waiting for cooling, the angle is fixed to be curved.

3. Folding processing

When the plexiglass display frame is processed by the folding method, it is first required to be processed, and then the plate is cut, and the straight cut is also the most common method of cutting. The folding is a straight line cutting method for processing plexiglass. The basic process is such that the ruler is first placed on the sheet to be machined and cut. Here, the edge of the ruler and the cutting line are coincident, and then the ruler is fixed, so that it becomes a straight line. Then use the hook to draw along the edge of the ruler, and draw a thin groove on the plate. When the depth of the groove is about half of the thickness of the plate, put the plate on the edge of the table, pay attention to the fine The edge of the trough and the table coincide, while one hand holds the sheet in the table, and the other hand presses the sheet outside the table and presses down hard, so that the plexiglass is disconnected from the stack of the hooks neatly.

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