Which Is Better Between Acrylic Fish Tank and Glass Fish Tank?

2015-12-26 16:21:06 cropsong 59
Acrylic as a new material, he has a lot of advantages, applications are more widespread, and today we 'll talk about the difference between acrylic and glass fish tank aquarium.
Acrylic aquarium species currently on the market range , the price difference is relatively large, the price of his main material and access valves, of course, these fishbowl he has . We are concerned that the advantages of acrylic aquariums : First: it will not rust and will not be eroded and very light , smooth surface , various styles, easy to distort, good transparency , good insulation properties, warm to the touch , long time keep the water temperature , and easy to wipe clean. Good quality acrylic cylinder can long remain beautiful appearance , life of up to 15 years.
Of course, the market there have been many low-quality acrylic aquarium, the aquarium new well, light weight. Easy to leak. Affordable prices. Acrylic cylinder is generally inferior surface smooth enough , dirt easy to clean , if a little more hard thing to wipe it, easily scratched . Of course, this post appeared in large numbers in the market , because it is cheap, or a lot of people to buy.
So what about glass fishbowl, The advantage of glass fishbowl I think it's no necessary introduced, he is our product used for a long time, the degree of wear is very good, in general, when the cleaning will not be any objects. But he also has some drawbacks, it is relatively heavy, difficult to move, it 's no acrylic transparency is good, of course, as the tank for this problem is more serious , the price is slightly expensive.
This is the difference between acrylic cylinder and a glass fishbowl. Glass fishbowl to be slightly more expensive than low-quality acrylic aquarium, but better off than the material to be slightly lower acrylic aquarium, which make it difficult to choose, of course, each have their own advantages hortcomings, in fact there is no absolute good or bad thing , to check what kind of fish tank fit you.
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