• Floor standing acrylic donation box is helpful for your business

    The floor standing acrylic donation box is very lightweight and very easy to moved around and placed anywhere. To assure its safety on the transportation, these floor standing is usually packed individually and then protected by bubble bag very well.

    2016/05/18 33

  • Acrylic Donation Box Place An Important Role For None-profit Group Or Organization

    There are many non-profit group or organization who help children, patient,elder etc to raise money or funds. Undoubtedly, donation box play an important role in raising money for these non-profit gro

    2016/05/10 27

  • Acrylic Ballot Box Are Idea To Collect Comments

    Our ballot boxes are made of sturdy acrylic material,they are available in different shapes and size. To make the information private and secure, usually these acrylic ballot box come with lock and keys,which can be opened by the assigned person. Due to its good security, so these acrylic ballot boxes can also be used as acrylic donation boxes.

    2016/01/12 32

  • Which Is Better Between Acrylic Fish Tank and Glass Fish Tank?

    This is the difference between acrylic cylinder and a glass fishbowl. Glass fishbowl to be slightly more expensive than low-quality acrylic aquarium, but better off than the material to be slightly lower acrylic aquarium, which make it difficult to choose, of course, each have their own advantages hortcomings, in fact there is no absolute good or bad thing , to check what kind of fish tank fit you.

    2015/12/26 cropsong 54

  • Clear Acrylic Donation Boxes Are So Popular Now

    Donation boxes can be seen in parks before,but today donation boxes are very popular in many places,such as hospital, school,charity, Humane Societies, Cancer Groups, Museums,supermarket etc. Many nonprofit organizations and charity groups have successfully used donation boxes, ballot boxes, collection boxes and charity boxes in fundraising campaigns.

    2015/11/17 cropsong 35

  • Hot Promotion For New Designed Heart-Shaped Acrylic Donation And Ballot Box

    We would like to thank our regular customers who have been supporting our business since our establishment before we publish this good news. It is you who help our company develop continues and make so outstanding achievement. And here,we assure you that we surely try our best to continually provide you our best quality products and professional services.

    2015/11/10 cropsong 40

  • Donation Boxes Are Good To Collect Money For Non-profitable Organization

    In our factory, we can custom made and design all kinds of acrylic donation box, like heart shape donation box,house shape donation box, rectangle shape donation box, round donation box and many other shape donation box. Your can provide your drawing or specification, and then we will make it as your request.

    2015/10/28 cropsong 54

  • Introducing of Acrylic Donation Boxes

    You would know how donation/ Fundraising box is import for your project if you are a church,Schools or non-profit groups. Because it can help you to collect funds to help the poor people who are in the urgent need of money.

    2015/05/26 cropsong 117

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