How To Bonding Acrylic Display Without Bubbles

2016-01-05 09:33:36 45

How to bonding acrylic display without air bubbles:

1, acrylic display stand during eroded adhesive will leave marks difficult to remove, so you can paste stickers with ways to protect without sticking to the site;

2, grease, dust or bubble holes would prevent the adhesive evenly leaving bubbles can be removed with the cleaning methods;

3, excessive use of a small amount of adhesive will be sticky surface can not be completely coated with slow, or affect the appearance into the air when the adhesive cure shrinkage;

4, direct cross hair will stick adhesive edge due to rapid evaporation while white;

5, the indoor humidity, temperature and so will the acrylic adhesive products direct impact;

6, stress acrylic sheet surface and surface stress and degradation caused by cutting tool will affect the bonding effect plexiglass plate;

7, plexiglass products with an adhesive bonded into before not fully cured, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will plexiglass products subject to the occurrence of different degrees of yellowing, it will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.

8, use a good UV glue can help you avoid the problem of acrylic bubbles.

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