Common skin care products can put the bathroom

2016-10-18 18:59:04 cropsong 26

Frequently Asked Questions: skin care products on the toilet can be used at any time before and after cleaning, but the best place to store skin care products should be dry and cool place, the bathroom moisture is very worrying.

Storage purposes: a small amount, short-term, moisture.

Storage items: closet, mirror cabinet, mobile rack. To include cleaning tools and skin care products mainly in the toilet, make-up habits can also put a small amount of short-term make-up. Usually pay attention to the use of dark bottles, pay attention to ground ventilation. Dry and wet separation of the bathroom, directly to the towel and skin care products placed on the acrylic shelf side of the sink, sliding door mirror cabinet, take something in the mirror can not choose to delay the two adjustable shelf height storage box, so you can meet any specifications Of the items included. Narrow cabinet admission, make full use of chicken ribs space, but this should be done in the bathroom when the cabinet to take into account. Natural color of the basket, the commonly used skin care products contained in the hand-washing pool side. Plastic storage box combination, the level of scattered, free combination, tooth cups, skin care products properly placed in the mirror under the storage box tray placed neatly with the use of toiletries.

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