• Acrylic display rack usage and maintenance methods

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    2019/03/11 cropsong 12

  • Acrylic box tips

    SK Display Co., is a professional acrylic box factory customize acrylic storage boxes and display boxes with best service, please feel free contact us!

    2019/02/03 cropsong 5

  • What are the bonding methods when using acrylic?

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    2018/11/29 cropsong 9

  • Which Is Better Between Acrylic Fish Tank and Glass Fish Tank?

    This is the difference between acrylic cylinder and a glass fishbowl. Glass fishbowl to be slightly more expensive than low-quality acrylic aquarium, but better off than the material to be slightly lower acrylic aquarium, which make it difficult to choose, of course, each have their own advantages hortcomings, in fact there is no absolute good or bad thing , to check what kind of fish tank fit you.

    2015/12/26 cropsong 53

  • New Year Holiday Announcement

    Due to the coming of New year, 1.Jan 2016 is our public holiday. Please just fell free to send us mail at If you have any urgent or special demand, we will reply to you in 24 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your great support and hope we will will have more business cooperation for acrylic display box, acrylic cosmetic display and acrylic brochure holder in the new 2016.

    2015/12/25 cropsong 76

  • The Situation And Development Of Acrylic

    In architecture ,plexiglass( acrylic) is mainly used in the construction of acrylic light body, acrylic transparent roof,acrylic telephone booths, acrylic staircases and acrylic rooms wall plates, etc; Acrylic sanitary ware bath, acrylic washbasin, acrylic dressing table,acrylic makeup organizer, acrylic furniture, acrylic display box and other acrylic products.

    2015/11/24 cropsong 32

  • Acrylic Classification And The Characteristic

    Acrylic panels Material classification in the country be divided into three categories: First, import plate; the second is the Taiwan-funded board; Third-made board. They differ on the origin and (MMA) purity of the raw materials used. This is crucial in determining the quality and price of the plate.

    2015/08/10 cropsong 87

  • Transparent Plexiglass Products Increasing A Beautiful Style

    Transparent plexiglass, translucent and soft, use it to make a variety of crafts ornaments , people feel comfortable and generous. Handicrafts made of plexiglass always exquisitely carved, crystal clarity, while the production of various forms of arts and crafts are dependent on design, what kind of shape, what kind of glass, color, breed test must be repeated, so as to achieve the best results.

    2015/07/27 cropsong 55

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