Acrylic Classification And The Characteristic

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Acrylic panels Material classification in the country be divided into three categories: First, import plate; the second is the Taiwan-funded board; Third-made board. They differ on the origin and (MMA) purity of the raw materials used. This is crucial in determining the quality and price of the plate.
China imported acrylic board has Japan's Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Chemical) and Germany Degussa two brands.
The so-called Taiwan-funded board refers to plate the British Lucite (MMA) pure raw materials and Taiwan technology, process made. The production of sheet metal molds used in manufacturing most of the United Kingdom and Germany. Produced acrylic plate color uniform, water marks, thin small error. Common are on the market: Ruichang, Shenmei, thousands of colors, Osaki Jin and other brands. The current market price of 26-28 yuan / kg. (It is as oil prices rise and fall float) there are some brands such as Thomson, a sub, Green River, New Shun other brands, are also the so-called Taiwan-funded board, but with a new raw material of MMA, quality is also good. The current market price of 20-24 yuan / kg. After effect on Cai Yun tablet is quite good.
Domestic plate refers to a raw material used in production of sheet metal is made in China, the other is the secondary processing of various acrylic plate recycled materials (PMMA) were generated. But the drawback is obvious surface water marks, thickness uneven, yellowing, suitable for plastic molding, is only applicable to engraving. The advantage is low price. Through experiments on Cai Yun tablet proof. The effect of the discharge of a certain gap with imports.
1. Excellent transparency: Colorless, transparent plexiglass plate, light transmission rate of 92%.
2. Excellent weather resistance: Adaptable to the natural environment, even a long time in sunlight, wind and rain will not change its performance, good anti-aging properties, but also safe for use outdoors.
3. Good processing properties: Both for mechanical processing and easily thermoformed.
4. Excellent performance: Acrylic plate variety, rich colors, and has a very good overall performance, providing designers with a variety of choices, acrylic sheet can be dyed, the surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating.
5. Non-toxic and long-term exposure even if no harm, as well as combustion gas produced when no toxic gases.
6. The linear expansion coefficient of cast slab approximately 7x10-5m / m.K.
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