Three Major Tips Acrylic Display Stand And Maintenance

2015-06-23 09:46:03 cropsong 44
Talking about acrylic display stand, I believe your having the experiences after a long using would have some of the scratches, slightly deformed and other conditions.It will affect the appearance on the mall,felt wasted  if discard, and then we'll try every means to remedy. We all know that " reunion ", but it has not turned out well, so what After its emergence in doing this remedy , it is better to take preventive measures.
Why display with a long time using will happen this? In fact, because we put a long time, the surrounding gray heavy falling down , we do not have to clean up in time, and is due to the change of seasons , the display by the thermal expansion and contraction , leading to deformation, some sharp things on display aroun, believe it will make the display collision with the situation appeared even scratched. That requires us to display while using it for maintenance, then how to maintain it? Here I will share with you some of my maintenance Acrylic Display method.
Acrylic Display Maintenance three major techniques:
1.The use of special detergent concentration can not be too high, otherwise it will damage the surface of acrylic display stand. When cleaning acrylic display stand to try to use a concentration of about 1% of soapy water. Otherwise it will lead to loss of gloss display surface, thus affecting the visual effects. But also pay attention to the choice of cleaning rags, easy to use some soft , lint-free cloth to prevent the use of a hard object or dry rub and to prevent the appearance of Acrylic Display scratched.
2.Thermal expansion and contraction principle we all know, hot and cold expansion coefficient of acrylic plate is quite large.Too cold or hot acrylic display stand will be large deformation, so in the design and production of acrylic display stand and daily use should pay attention to the ambient temperature. Avoid expansion and contraction of the acrylic display stand, cause display damage occurs.
3.The organic solvent will cause damage to the acrylic display stand. Therefore, in daily life, Usingacrylic display stand need to be careful not to exposure to organic solvents. Because the raw material of acrylic display plate itself is an organic compound.
Way to introduce some of the most common organic solvents. For example, coatings, adhesives, paint and cleaning materials, etc, similar to the use of these products should be kept away from acrylic display stand.
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