New Mold Build Acrylic Fashion Sense

2015-06-16 10:28:19 cropsong 34
In manual and laser cutting, the mold has become a process of  material of choice. Thalé Blanc designer Debora Sawaf said: . " Laser cutting and mold have precise memories of the way but use different parts of the cutting of handbags down and then cut from the acrylic plate bonded into handbags, handbags after a certain time will certainly fall apart because acrylic plastic, it will naturally be affected by the ambient temperature, but using a mold would not have such problems."
While the mold by means of optimization of acrylic products, but the use of new technologies to raise the retail price of acrylic handbag , but also created obstacles to mass market." Plexiglass material is not cheap," Kotur designer Fiona Kotur said: "These are used to make handbags are not cheap acrylic plastic items used in the manufacture, we have to buy expensive machines, handle it carefully acrylic handbag cost. a lot of money, I think the current retail price, and there is no bubble ." acrylic Kotur clutch average price of $ 600, some specially designed models around $ 1,200, although expensive, buying trends of consumers still evident. "Acrylic handbag has been a lot of success stories," Kotur explained , "Chanel fashion house such a large handbags are made of acrylic, consumer prices have been bottom of my heart."
With acrylic handbag market competition more intense , given the most creative , the most eye-catching design is the focus of most brands . Sawaf acrylic handbag uses Swarovski crystals , laser engraving technology, also used a leather inlay. Charlotte Olympia places colorful and vibrant, even bizarre design stand out. Her handbag vinyl acrylic shape , gummy bears shapes, cherry shape and shell shape. "They can actually wear , home decoration put up and do good ." Olympia said. Through personalized single product , Edie Parker opened the acrylic handbag segment of the market , these handbags are fashion Reds Anna Dello Russo, Nicky Hilton and Miranda Lambert bag.
Whether collage, resembles the shape of food, sparkling pearl jewelry or embellishment, today acrylic handbags and the former has been very different. "Acrylic handbags by no means inferior to other materials handbags, they are the focus of the current fashion ."SK Display Co.,Ltd

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