What are the bonding methods when using acrylic?

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Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance. So now we can see it in many industries and fields. At present, many people will choose acrylic customization. For this, let's discuss with you how to bond acrylic when customizing.

1.Opposite bonding

In the process of acrylic customization, many times it is necessary to carry out the opposite bonding. Generally, we need to put two acrylic sheets horizontally on the operating platform for combination, and then use the tool to evenly inject the adhesive from one side to the whole. Fill it up and wait for it to solidify.

2. Facade bonding

Facade bonding is one of the most widely used methods. First, the surface to be bonded should be wiped clean. It is best to use the master for the corresponding bonding. During the whole operation, we must keep the bonding stable, because it is more conducive to improve the quality of the entire bonding.

3. Bevel bonding

In general, bevel bonding requires the use of a 90-degree angle to prevent displacement of the surface to be bonded. In addition, when applying adhesive, be sure to keep a slow rhythm, and then wait until it is fully cured before removing the master.

4. Plane bonding

Plane bonding is a special bonding method. We need to place one side of the other acrylic sheet diagonally on the acrylic sheet to which the adhesive is applied, and then slowly lower it to complete the bonding and to extrude the bubbles.

Regarding the bonding method when making acrylics, We mainly introduces you here. I hope that after reading it, you can refer to it in the future operation. With the continuous development of society, the application of acrylic will increase in the future, so it is helpful to know more about the related information. In addition, if you have related needs such as acrylic display cabinets, acrylic display boxes, acrylic brochure holder, etc., please contact us for further consultation.

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