Acrylic Display Boxes Are Increasing Popular In Our Daily Life

2015-06-30 08:57:34 cropsong 81
Acrylic display boxes,cabinets and showcases are becoming increasingly popular. It not only need to protect precious or delicate items from dust and inquisitive fingers,but also protect your collectibles from damaging UV light. Acrylic will block over 90% of UV light. We have quite a few different styles of acrylic display cases, display cabinets and showcase, below is a brief outline of the different styles available.
Traditional Display Cases
Modern Display Cases
Clear Display Covers
Wall Display Cases
Lockable Display Cases
As one professional manufacturer specialized in acrylic displays cases, we can custom design and made the best acrylic display case for you.
Considering the question of being visible and safety. Basically, people prefer to use clear acrylic case than colorful display case as the collections because it can be visible inside. And sometimes, for some special usage ,they use wood board as the bottom to match the acrylic cover. just like this display case.
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