• What Is Pure Acrylic And Composite Acrylic Artificial Atone Sheet

    the acrylic compound: (UPR + MMA) is "methyl methacrylate" (MMA), and "unsaturated polyester resin" (UPR) + a mixture of aluminum hydroxide as filler, the resin is between practical artificial stone plate and acrylic plate between two artificial stone, commonly known as composite acrylic. It has a unique MMA toughness and delicate, but also with high strength. And affordable, favored by high-level consumers.

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  • Talking About The Different Characteristics Of Plexiglass And Inorganic Glass

    Our company specializes in display products, the future will continue to develop innovative, to provide users with better products and services, more knowledge please continue to pay attention

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  • Acrylic Display Boxes Are Increasing Popular In Our Daily Life

    Acrylic display boxes,cabinets and showcases are becoming increasingly popular. It not only need to protect precious or delicate items from dust and inquisitive fingers,but also protect your collectibles from damaging UV light. Acrylic will block over 90% of UV light.

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  • Three Major Tips Acrylic Display Stand And Maintenance

    SK display's production of acrylic display not only good quality and reasonable price, style and can also be tailored to your product. As you can see from the above, maintenance is important, but good acrylic display stand is more important, SK display's good reputation, Any detail you can browse our website:

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  • New Mold Build Acrylic Fashion Sense

    In manual and laser cutting, the mold has become a process of acrylic material of choice. Thalé Blanc designer Debora Sawaf said: . " Laser cutting and mold have precise memories of the way but use different parts of the cutting of handbags down and then cut from the acrylic plate bonded into handbags, handbags after a certain time will certainly fall apart because acrylic plastic, it will naturally be affected by the ambient temperature, but using a mold would not have such problems."

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  • Artificial Acrylic Materials Create The " Jewellerys Element"

    The actor Benjamin Braddock got one career advice on graduation party predecessors: "The outlook plastics industry, plastics industry, will be very useful ." in 1967 film" The Graduate". Of course, people who say this is not referring to plastic bags. However, this acrylic plastic is in the 1950s to 1960s pop up in accessories design.

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  • Acrylic Business Card Holders Are Perfect Promotional Gift For You

    It is an appropriate gift if you giving a business person a card holder as a gift to your customers. It not only give your customers many benefits but also brings more benefits for you if you choosing it.

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  • A Very Nice Acrylic Pen Holder Can Decoration Your Desktop

    It's our pleasure to share one very fashionable acrylic pen holder ,which is made by acrylic (it also called PMMA, Perspex, plexiglass). When you place such a fashionable acrylic pen holder on your desktop whatever in your office or at home,it not only organize all kinds of pen together and neatly but also one nice decoration.

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