Acrylic cosmetics display stand to upgrade the four major tips

2018-04-18 13:41:36 cropsong 54

Often listen to friends of the cosmetics store complained that "obviously our products and other people's products are the same, why is someone else's shop crowded, and our own shop is very deserted." You use the acrylic cosmetics display stand? Can your acrylic display stand up quickly? Is your display stand up to grade?

To enhance the acrylic cosmetics showcase grade four tips:

1.In the cosmetics display stand production and use, need to pay attention to the lighting problem. Lighting problems can help you improve the quality of cosmetics display stand to improve the level of cosmetics display stand, so that more attractive to customers eye.

2.Many people know that natural light is the best use of cosmetics display stand light source, but in the mall in the natural light source is often not meet the user's request, so you need to use the acrylic display of the lighting, the market there are many types of light , We need to clear the characteristics of these lights, and then according to the color and characteristics of cosmetics to be selected, the rational installation of cosmetics display stand light source.

3.According to foreign psychologists study found that too strong light, especially the dazzling light will make customers feel restless feeling. So we in the cosmetics display, jewelry display rack production process need to pay attention to this point. In the choice of cosmetics display light source when the choice of soft, not dazzling light source, so that customers have a comfortable feeling in order to play the biggest role of cosmetics display stand.

4.Cosmetics display shelf lighting problems will affect the display of goods, is an important factor in competition with competitors, so the use of cosmetics display in the production process do not ignore the role of light. If the cosmetics display stand, the use of light embellishment, not only the effect of light to attract customers eye, and can improve the customer's page views, thereby enhancing the turnover rate.

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