Acrylic jewelry display stand

2018-04-08 10:30:42 cropsong 31

Acrylic jewelry display for the display of the product sales play an indispensable role, mainly for jewelry display, display. Some people are a bit strange for the name of the acrylic, in fact, there are branches in the country Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook Jewelery and silver age and other jewelry stores, can see the acrylic jewelry display stand.

From the material seems like plastic or glass-like transparent, more than plastic texture, no glass so bulky. Material with thickness of 3mm imported matte acrylic, through the carving, bending, large diamond polishing machine polishing process, the appearance of high-end fashion, simple and generous design style without fancy modification, can better bring out the jewelry necklace gorgeous eye-catching , To attract the attention of consumers, jewelry sales play a positive role.

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