How to distinguish between the online acrylic processing plant is the factory or workshop?

2018-03-20 10:10:41 cropsong 30

The development of the Internet to the traditional industry to show a platform online, more and more acrylic manufacturers to pay attention to the importance of the Internet sales of acrylic products, so from small to only a few people of the family workshop, to dozens of people, hundreds People of large acrylic processing manufacturers, have begun to order through the network.

As the network is virtual, a few people can also be a small workshop can be packaged into hundreds of large acrylic processing manufacturers, they received a large single, because there is no strength to outsource to other manufacturers to earn the difference, this invisible Increase the cost of the customer, I believe we do not want to spend this wrong money. The following tell you how to determine the online processing of acrylic manufacturers is a factory or workshop?

Now there are so many online processing of acrylic manufacturers, how to find their own manufacturers to meet the requirements? This requires our early exclusion. First look at the manufacturers have their own website and independent domain name, although the cost of doing a website now is very low, but even a separate website are not willing to do the "manufacturers" size will be big? Look at the factory's factory photos, look at the factory environment and equipment size, of course, only as a reference, after all, these can be fake.

The most important of course, or to the factory site visits visited, no matter how small factories boast exaggerated, a study of factory leather will be punctured. As a manufacturer of acrylic products for more than a decade, Sunday Knight welcome everyone to visit.

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