How to show display cabinet to attract customers?

2018-02-26 10:48:18 cropsong 36

A store in addition to the display area and other work areas, the other is almost all flow area. The layout of the display cabinet must be so that the customer can easily and comfortably buy what he wants to buy. It is better to say that the flexibility of the channel between the display cabinets is better. So from the contents of the business to consider a flexible change, display cabinets generally use a combination of some better.

The overall sense of a store can give customers an orderly and complete shopping experience, this sense of the overall build in the material, color, size, shape and other display cabinets. At the same time to consider the showcase and store the entire space with. For example, the use of integrated mobile phone display cabinet in the upper part of the bottom of the glass plate, the entire ring showcase around the middle of the column and through the column lights, glass showcase led lights to meet each other to achieve the overall sense of light, There are similar size, shape is almost the same product display cabinet.

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