How to choose the right cosmetic storage box inventory

2016-08-31 17:32:48 cropsong 31

Each girl is beauty, and now many people are already determined not to go out without make-up of the state, if it wants to make, it must need a dressing for housing, a lot of people might say, is not that what a storage box, They are on sale everywhere. But I want to choose a good quality and beautiful, durable and most importantly, full-featured storage box is not so easy.

First, the material would suggest that you choose acrylic, acrylic because relatively easy to clean, and beautiful, and convenient. However, because of acrylic market is growing, the market came out a lot of unscrupulous businessmen, said to be waterproof not waterproof, transparent acrylic plastic are claimed to be, a lot of people do not understand the material tends to be deceived.

Only plastic and acrylic waterproof, plastic is not recommended that you choose, though very light, but opaque to find something inconvenient. Wooden storage box general surface water, the edge of the sheet is not waterproof. In addition we see a transparent box, acrylic is not necessarily Oh.

If cosmetic storage box function relatively complete, but the price of 100 yuan is certainly a plastic, rather than acrylic. Because the acrylic sheet is very expensive, the price of a 2.7 mm thick sheet of 180. Just do a simple cosmetic storage box if you want to cost at least seventy to eighty, plus labor costs, etc., so a finished acrylic storage box costs can not be less than 100.

Now cosmetic storage box features are very complete, you can select functions with drawers, drawer daily use can put a small mirror, eyeliner, jewelry, etc., so the drawer function is very important.

In the storage box to use, we usually use cosmetic storage box. So, here we introduce some of the issues in the use of cosmetics storage box worth noting:

1. Please do not put by the fire and high temperature place, avoid to put in moist places.

2. the product is a consumable material will wear out with use, deterioration Depending on the extent of the use of custody, wear different degree of deterioration.

3. Do not deliberately rub is not recommended with water.

4. pay attention to identify the material, must not listen to false propaganda.

5. do not be fooled by the price, buy the wrong thing.

6. only the election of the functional enough for their own use can not be excessive pursuit of perfection, be practical.

Well, when you need to buy cosmetics boxes when you can refer to some of the above tips, we hope to help you choose one of your favorite cosmetic storage box.

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