What are the uses of acrylic custom products?

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The word acrylic is still very strange to the public, but if you call it another, you will realize that acrylic is a plexiglass material. This is a widely used and practical synthetic material that is still very cheap. Because acrylic materials vary in shape, many manufacturers operate acrylic custom businesses, such as acrylic boxes, which can be made according to customer requirements. Today, let's talk about the use of acrylic custom products.

Acrylic custom products are mainly used in the following areas: 

1.The engineering field is mainly used for large-area lighting needs. For example, some architectural applications: window, soundproof windows and doors, lighting hoods, telephone booths, etc. 

2.The main aspect of advertising is to make the outer packaging use waterproof and transparent features. Such as: light boxes, signs, signs, display racks, etc. 

3.The trains and cars in the transportation industry are mainly used in the doors and windows of vehicles. 

4.Medical applications are very extensive, in addition to the hospital's intensive care unit door and window glass, but also for baby incubators, a variety of surgical medical equipment, civilian supplies: bathroom facilities, crafts, cosmetics, stents, aquariums and so on. 

5.The application range of industrial products is small, and it is mainly used in the surface plates and covers of large and small instruments due to the characteristics of transparency and firmness. 

Acrylic customization is also used in jewelry, computers, light boxes and other fields. Can also be made into a display stand. In daily use, care and maintenance should be taken to make it as clean as a new high-end atmosphere. 

The above is the use of acrylic custom products in various fields. It can be seen that various excellent properties of acrylic materials are recognized by the market. In addition to practical value, the transparency and brightness of acrylic materials make it decorative, so there are also custom gifts, decorations, etc., or sold in large quantities to major gift shops, home decoration stores, etc. If you are interested in acrylic display cases, or would like to know more information, please contact us!!!

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