Acrylic Donation Box Place An Important Role For None-profit Group Or Organization

2016-05-10 12:53:57 31

There are many non-profit group or organization who help children, patient,elder etc to raise money or funds. Undoubtedly, donation box play an important role in raising money for these non-profit groups.


Fundraising with acrylic donation boxes, collection boxes, or charity boxes are one practical idea for organizations to raise funds. These durable attractive acrylic donation boxes will attract your donors attention.  


Acrylic donation boxes especially well for new or small organizations who do not already have donors. How effective the donation boxes prove to be in raising funds may depend on the box design.  


Firstly, the donation boxes should be eye-catching ,which can catch donors'attention. 

Secondly, the donation box should be transparent,so that donors see the contents which would inspire them to make contribution. But the donation box should be sturdy and strong to secure the content in the boxes. 

SK display can make the donation box according your requirments. Please send your photo or images, then we will do the rest for you!!

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