Floor standing acrylic donation box is helpful for your business

2016-05-18 17:01:38 36

Acrylic donation box is used to collect the money or votes cards for non-profits organization,hospital,school,elections.Usually,these acrylic donation boxes are placed on a countertop, at a registration desk,even be taken door-to-door for donation collections. But some times, we can see they are standing on the high traffic area,these are floor standing acrylic donation boxes.

These modern floor standing acrylic donation box are usually half of one person height,the upper acrylic donation box are attached on one long metal stand. Basically,there are two kinds of methods to attach the acrylic donation box with this metal stand. One is the donation box is fixed into the metal platform by screw, which is of course very easy to unscrew when you take the donation box off.And the other way is to paste the acrylic donation box into the platform by double sides tape. Both ways are both easy,depend of your selection. 

Floor standing acrylic donation box has a slide up door with a sign display and another print holder is located in the front of the bin. The door locks into place, but the slide-up feature allows users to access the entry forms. As the lockable acrylic donation box has one lock which is located on the top of the donation box.when the lock is unlock,then you just push the door up and then take out the content. The opaque design means that all information inside the donation box is kept secret,which can decrease the possibility of steal at some stage.

These personalized floor standing acrylic donation box can also come with one double sides sign holder,where you can place your advertisements.Your advertisement will stay in pristine condition as it will be protected by the clear acrylic. Your advertisement is simply inserted from the side of the acrylic sign holder, any one of your staff can update your chosen information whenever necessary. 

These floor standing acrylic donation boxes are ideal for raffles and contests at various events, so they also can be used as collection box for airports, churches, schools, political rallies and other fundraising efforts.

The floor standing acrylic donation box is very lightweight and very easy to moved around and placed anywhere. To assure its safety on the transportation, these floor standing is usually packed individually and then protected by bubble bag very well.

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