Artificial Acrylic Materials Create The " Jewellerys Element"

2015-06-10 09:01:28 cropsong 48
The actor Benjamin Braddock got one career advice on graduation party predecessors: "The outlook plastics industry, plastics industry, will be very useful ." in 1967 film" The Graduate". Of course, people who say this is not referring to plastic bags. However, this acrylic plastic is in the 1950s to 1960s pop up in accessories design. This season, it is a very high profile at the dinner handbag design back. " Evening Bag choice of more abundant, this field was itself left a lot of flexibility and space for synthetic materials." New York brand Rauwolf designer Kristine Johannes said,"they are better at bending and shaping, it can be make out like jewellery's exquisite handbags. On the other hand, it has been relatively boring evening market."
Except Rauwolf, Rafe, Les Petits Joueurs such brand handbags, Chanel and other components of footwear fashion houses have begun to try to use these synthetic materials, adding more modern in the traditional aesthetics. Designer handbag brand Edie Parker Brett Heyman said: "People see our acrylic clutch when might think :" I have a grandmother." I really like this idea, like a kind of nostalgia , acrylic clutch like a tiny heirloom jewellery."In 1907 , chemist Leo Baekeland invented a new type of synthetic material, and called it " bakelite " (Bakelite). This material can be an effective electrical insulator. By the late 1930s , DuPont (Du Pont) Company further invented a transparent synthetic resin (Lucite); about the same time, Rohm and Haas Chemical Company (Rohm and Haas Chemical Co.) invented the plastic glass (Perspex), became the first seed by mass product of acrylic. After World War II, acrylic position in the fashion accessories industry increasingly prominent fashion brands use this material to create an expensive, hand-carved , brightly color accessories. Rialto was the first to die and machine Production of acrylic handbag manufacturer, acrylic handbag it to the mass market , and set off a trend at the time . Unlike most plastic products like cheap , acrylic has been regarded as high-grade plastics , it is not because of sun exposure and other daily weather conditions and deformation and yellow. Acrylic material types often used the fashion industry with a transparent synthetic resin (Lucite), PMMA (Perspex), Plexiglas (Plexiglas) and polyacrylate plastic (Acrylite).Although acrylic been used in industrial products, has more than a century , but today's designers have in dealing with it is nerve-wracking . "I thought acrylic processing means is very simple ," Heyman said, " in the production of acrylic handbags, we not only work with handbags processors, but also work with plastics chemical industry expert . I worked with one from 1960 from years has been engaged in the production of acrylic accessories masters exchange , he told me some of the hot melt and shaping methods that still works, but the cutting process  are obviously have to improve. "

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