A Very Nice Acrylic Pen Holder Can Decoration Your Desktop

2015-06-02 09:44:14 cropsong 49
It's our pleasure to share one very fashionable acrylic pen holder ,which is made by acrylic (it also called PMMA, Perspex, Plexiglass).
As you can see there is "water" around the pen holder, and there is some silica gel dot in the water which is printed business logo.
It was drilled one hole into this silica gel dot. Due to the buoyancy inside and outside of this silica gel dot, it thus can float on the surface.
When you place such a fashionable acrylic pen holder on your desktop whatever in your office or at home,it not only organize all kinds of pen together and neatly but also one nice decoration.
Such exquisite acrylic pen holder is also a perfect gift to your friends.
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