Talking About The Different Characteristics Of Plexiglass And Inorganic Glass

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Plexiglass is a common name, the chemical name of such a transparent polymer material called polymethyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylate is made of polymerized. Between the plexiglass and inorganic glass different and perhaps a lot of people do not know, the following acrylic factory in Dongguan on details for you about.
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1.The difference of transparency: PMMA has high transparency . PMMA is the best polymer transparent material , light transmission rate of 92% , high transmittance than glass. Ordinary glass only 0.6% through ultraviolet rays, but was able through the plexiglass 73%.
2. The weight difference: Plexiglass lighter weight than inorganic glass . PMMA density 1.18kg / dm3, the same size of the material , its weight is only half of ordinary glass , metal aluminum 43 %.
3. The difference between the mechanical strength: High plexiglass mechanical strength , relative molecular mass of about 200 million, is a long-chain polymers, and the formation of molecular chains is very soft. Therefore, 7 to 18 times the capacity of tensile and impact of plexiglass higher than ordinary glass . There is a heated and stretched -treated glass, the molecular chains arranged very orderly, so that the toughness has improved significantly . Nailed into this glass, plexiglass and no cracks. The same bullet after the breakdown will not break into pieces. Therefore, stretching treatment can be used as bulletproof glass plexiglass.
4. The difference between and shaping of processing: Plexiglass Easy to shape processing, it can be used not only for cutting lathe , drill press for drilling, and use acetone, chloroform and other appliances bonded into various shapes , can also blow molding, injection, extrusion and other methods of plastic molding process National Cheng Kung University cockpit cover, small to dentures and dentures and other kinds of products.
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