The Advantage Of Acrylic Display Stands

2016-08-23 11:46:29 cropsong 29

Since you plan to promote your products, no matter what items are you dealing,whether it is fashionable jewellery, shoe ,cosmetic,watches,it would be better for you have some display stands,which play a key role to influence your sales and turn window shoppers into buyers. Then these display stands can be made of various materials such as wood, cardboard ,glass, metal or acrylic. In all of these material,acrylic display stands are the most economic and effective one to showcase your items or services.

Then why acrylic displays are so popular ?

As we know, acrylic is also called PMMA,which has a clean and professional appearance and also it is very easy to be formed to any shape. There are many kinds of acrylic displays in our daily life. such as acrylic display cases, acrylic brochure holder, acrylic sign holder ,acrylic business card holder,acrylic poster frame,led light box etc. All of these acrylic display are weather resistant, so they are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. However,the material may turn yellow when in contact with light for a long time, but this happens only after extended exposure and is visible only in transparent stands.When you add some colors to your displays stand, acrylic display can also be painted. Even if acrylic item is not biodegradable, the material can be recycled and reshaped into other plastic objects, if the stands don't have too many cracks.

And acrylic is transparent as glass,but it is much lighter than glass and also not so fragile as glass. Unlike cardboard display,acrylic displays is more durable,usually their life span can reach up to 3 or 5 years. Compared to metal displays ,acrylic displays is more economic. You can design any shape or style,we can do that for you,but for metal display,for some special shape ,they may need one mould to do that.

So acrylic is the ideal display choice for trade and art shows. However, this material is prone to scratches, so pay attention when transporting and arranging items on your stands.If you need any acrylic displays,please just fell free to send your design or tell us your needs ,we can make your dream into reality.

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