What Is Pure Acrylic And Composite Acrylic Artificial Atone Sheet

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First, the resin composition is divided into different resin plate, three kinds of acrylic sheet and acrylic compound.
Second, the acrylic sheet: MMA acrylic artificial stone DuPont pioneered by the United States. Based on "MMA" (MMA) as matrix (commonly known as acrylic, plexiglass) + aluminum hydroxide (ATH) of filler cast from. Commonly known as acrylic panels. Acrylic sheet does not contain any other resin. The main feature is slow the aging process, used for many years can still maintain the original quality. Bright, the same yellow, easy to crack, heat resistance, impact, strong plasticity. Acrylic board is not only environmental health materials, you can also use it to make dentures, without any impact on the human body. (DuPont Corian Price: 2100 yuan/ meter to 3500 yuan/ m, the other brand market price 1200 yuan/ meter to 1600 yuan/ m).
Third, the acrylic compound: (UPR + MMA) is "methyl methacrylate" (MMA), and "unsaturated polyester resin" (UPR) + a mixture of aluminum hydroxide as filler, the resin is between practical artificial stone plate and acrylic plate between two artificial stone, commonly known as composite acrylic. It has a unique MMA toughness and delicate, but also with high strength. And affordable, favored by high-level consumers. (Composite acrylic countertops Price 700 yuan/ m -1000 yuan/ m).
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