Acrylic products appear welding marks, spray patterns and improve the way

2017-07-26 15:37:46 cropsong 28

Acrylic products if not handled well, there will be welding marks, spray patterns and other phenomena, but these are in fact can be avoided and improved, and today  teach you how to make the perfect acrylic products.

The reason for the weld bond is that the front end portion of the molten resin from the different directions is cooled and can not be completely fused at the junction. The welds have an effect on the appearance, coating, plating, and even strength of the acrylic product. All must pay special attention.

So how to improve it?

1, the addition of exhaust slot, and then create a place to create a roll of welding rod, are conducive to the exhaust.

2, to minimize the use of release agent.

3, adjust the molding conditions, such as: to improve the mold temperature, improve the resin temperature, improve the injection pressure and speed.

4, the process of the source of the material and the occurrence of welding marks as a place in the product after molding and then removed.

5, talk about the location of the welding seam generated for the dark shiny surface to be modified.

The spray pattern is mainly due to the rapid injection of the resin from the gate. So the expansion of the four cross-section or reduce the injection speed can improve the phenomenon of spray pattern, as well as to improve the temperature of the mold, but also can slow down the contact with the cavity surface of the resin cooling rate, but also has a very good effect.

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