SK Display teach you four strokes, know true and false acrylic products

2017-07-17 16:06:35 cropsong 30

Acrylic products made of low-quality acrylic material after a period of time will be deformed, yellowing and other issues, it may be processed into defective products, so that a good acrylic material determines the quality of a product, today SK Display To teach you to identify true and false acrylic products.

Observation method. Observe the characteristics of acrylic material itself. In the purchase of acrylic products to see if the acrylic plate is not faded or glossy is not high to distinguish between the quality is not good, of course, we can also look at the instructions of acrylic products to see if the actual situation with the acrylic sheet is consistent To distinguish whether it is a regular acrylic product.

2. Hot melt method. Poor quality of acrylic materials will be posted after the hot melt is difficult to separate, good quality will not be the case, so you can also hot melt method to identify true and false acrylic products.

3. Light transmission method. Through the light to send white light through the acrylic plate, if found yellow or blue color that acrylic quality may not be correct, because the acrylic plate has a high light transmittance and through the light is white, will not absorb Other light color.

4. Combustion method. With a small piece of acrylic products for combustion test, if all of a sudden burning on the description of the acrylic products is inferior, bad. Of course, if the more expensive things do not casually burn.

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