SK Display display supplies 6 major advantages - to create a new pattern of display industry!

2016-12-13 09:53:30 cropsong 34

In recent years with the acrylic (plexiglass) processing technology to improve, and now the new acrylic materials have been filled with many industries, such as the advertising industry with its production of billboards, lamps and lanterns industry with its production of excellent ornamental value of lighting and so on, and Whether it is building materials class or decorative category, acrylic (plexiglass) are playing a significant role.

However, the current market Acrylic (PMMA) products varied, the quality varies greatly, so that consumers do not know how to choose, and SK Display production of acrylic (plexiglass) products, high-quality, excellence, high cost, with its superb processing skills And design skills, began to occupy more and more advertising crafts market share, with broad marketing areas, and create a new pattern of display industry. These and SK Display the following six major advantages are inseparable:

1, material advantages: Acrylic (PMMA) material with more than 92% transmittance, and high mechanical strength. Light weight, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and outdoor aging, excellent electrical properties and so on.

2, Experience advantage: 10 years focus on acrylic (plexiglass) processing production, a wealth of production and processing experience, the use of modern numerical control technology, and car, planing, milling, drilling, sawing, flower, scrub, Equipment, to produce high-quality products.

3, the quality of advantages: In order to better improve the products and services customers, SK Display also accept a variety of customization, design or related sketches to us as a reference, we can provide a variety of customization, product quality trustworthy.

4, the credibility of advantages: SK Display to "people-oriented and common development; the pursuit of excellence, and achieve win-win situation; rational operation, pay attention to efficiency; pursuit of perfection, the customer first" concept, to meet the different needs of customers from all over the past decade, Customers, honor customers can witness.

5, the production advantages: Acrylic (PMMA) material processing technology range, different processing effects are different, SK Display can be selected according to different customer needs preferred paste method, vertical grinding method, grinding method, mosaic method , Heat simmer fat, hot pressing and other processing technology.

6, Service advantages: SK Display can be customized according to the drawings and samples provided by customers. It can also be tailored according to the enterprise's image and product use. It can provide customized design, proofing, production, transportation and after-sale service. Series of services, good after-sales service, fast response.

SK Display Co., Ltd specializes in the design, processing and manufacture of acrylic products. We have a large number of engineering and technical personnel who have been developing and serving in the acrylic industry for many years. Acrylic display stand,  acrylic jewelry display stand, acrylic mobile display stand, acrylic plate and other acrylic (plexiglass) display stand products, acrylic display shelf, And provide customized acrylic display stand.

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