Cardboard combined with acrylic, help display promotions

2016-12-07 14:13:35 cropsong 37

The use of corrugated paper and acrylic sheet production display products, in addition to the aesthetic and performance to achieve the desired value of the color effect, compared with all previous production costs with acrylic sheet also reduced by nearly half.

Many in the production of paper display business still stuck in the traditional process of thinking above, this is far from enough to take corrugated cardboard has a certain flexibility to facilitate folding, but the lack of hardness is not enough, made into a display stand will not be straight, Hostage is not strong enough, such as on the basis of this plus transparent acrylic both beautiful and firmness can increase the hardness.

In the store to promote more marketing secret is to use unique innovation to attract customers in the acrylic sheet surface printing patterns carved into a variety of shapes, under the effect of light in the translucent luster, appearance looks exquisite beauty, a high degree of transparency for customers The product at a glance, it is unusual high-grade atmosphere.

The use of corrugated board and acrylic display placed in the store can help businesses to carry out promotional activities, with its innovative designs, brilliant colors, unique ideas and other forms of attention caused by the customer to stop and then on the display of goods develop interest. Ingenious, eye-catching display stand can often play an unexpected effect, can greatly mobilize the customer's motivation to buy. When consumers face a lot of goods and can not start, placed in the goods around an outstanding display stand, faithfully, continue to provide consumers with product information, play to attract consumers, to promote their purchase determination role.

SK display as a professional supplier of acrylic display products, in the "good faith, long service" business purpose under the guidance of the accumulation of a large number of guests at home and abroad. SK Display perfect service, customers value every point of interest, in good faith every customer service. The future, SK Display will continue to introduce more influential promotional display of innovative products, continue to serve more businesses, help promote the healthy and rapid development of the retail display industry.

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