The best acrylic products - in SK Display

2016-12-20 11:11:50 cropsong 33

SK Display Co., Ltd is a manufacturer located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We specialized in manufacturing all kinds of display stands. Relying on specialized workshops, skilled and efficient employees and good performance machines, we are able to produce good quality Products with maximum production capacity. Meanwhile, we can demanding various ODM / OEM orders as per clients' requirements.

Compared with peers, our company has the following advantages:

1. Product design. SK Display has a professional design team, the team over 10 years of acrylic display product design experience to ensure that the design is more attractive, more user-friendly diversification, the real effective solution to customer demand for products.

2. Production process. SK Display from the beginning to the safety of packaging materials shipped, with up to 14 production processes, fine production, strict grasp of every detail, intentions to do a good job, more cost-effective.

3. Appearance of the material. SK Display all use of green materials, high permeability, bright, no bubbles, smooth without burr, the edge of good light transmission.

4. Details of the deal. SK Display fine production requirements, the product of the special treatment of bonding, workmanship and meticulous, no glue spill. All products undergo a rigorous 16-inspection process to ensure consistency of quality.

5. Improve service. Customer value for customers; professional customer service representatives to help customers solve the problems encountered; to provide customers with the best quality products,

Through the SK Display has a full understanding, which is why many customers choose SK Display. Because the internal quality of the control well, the quality of security, monitoring, and truly "high-transparent bright bubble-free" acrylic products only in the SK Display.

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