Master the quality of furniture materials and scientific maintenance

2016-11-29 15:18:17 cropsong 26

Summer inflammation, as long as the material on the furniture to spend some thought, can create a cool and transparent home atmosphere. The glass, crystal, plastic is playing "cool" summer home the best theme, they feel cool, and a high degree of reflection, gives a stronger sense of cold.

Clear, bright, transparent, there is no sense of depression, you can change the metal and solid wood furniture, heavy, so that home becomes light up; also no cloth and leather furniture, hot, cold from the skin contact moment.

When these simple, transparent to the ultimate glass, crystal bookshelves, TV cabinet began into the modern home, want to keep this crystal clear and natural and ultimately, careful and meticulous care. In this case,

Crystal brittle is very delicate

Pure and flawless crystal, because of its crystal clear elegant temperament by more and more people's favorite.

If the crystal before a number of small furnishings and all kinds of crystal lights is only a decorative home decoration, then now, including acrylic wine cabinet, acrylic bookshelves, including a variety of acrylic furniture has become people decorate modern life and improve the quality of life fashion Symbol.

Natural crystal that is quartz, its composition is silicon dioxide. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, crystal cold and non-toxic, attending shock palpitation heart, ease eyesight, to the red eye iron hot swollen effect. At present the market "crystal furniture" that is, acrylic furniture, is actually made of an organic material. Compared to natural crystal, its cooling capacity is relatively poor, not a magnetic, but the price is cheaper.

1. Crystal brittle, pay attention to anti-pressure, drop, high temperature, anti-alkali or strong acid. Mobile crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the hands of the collection of oil. Lift crystal furniture, do not cling to the top or extension parts, should seize the base or the entire body. In addition to avoid the crystal placed under the hanging paintings or other items, such as shaking the curtains easily knocked down broken.

2. found that there are dust on the crystal furniture, do not use the feather brush, and to soft light and soft fabric without flick dust. Do not force, so as not to fray crystal. Need cleaning, the best tool is a new chemical fiber cloth, drain the water, from top to bottom, wipe the crystal, and then do not lint, absorbent towel to dry. If there is not easy to wash off the stain, you can put some salt lemon incision, gently scrub.

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